Google Sniper 2.0 Review and Information
  • Full Google Sniper Review

    Full Google Sniper Review

    Hello again!  It’s me, Gigi Garcia, and this will be a more complete review of the Google Sniper 2.0 system.  We’ve talked about What Google Sniper is, its background in version 1 and then about George Brown, Google Sniper system creator.  If this is your first visit here to this blog, then you might want to take a look at those 2 posts first so that we are all on the same page. Okay – let’s get started! >>In a Rush? Click Here To Check Out The Google Sniper 2.0 System Now << Google Sniper System – Version 2.0 We have touched on it a bit in the last post, but I assume you might want to know: what is the difference between the “original’ Google Sniper product and version 2.0? Okay – here they are, side by side. Original Google Sniper Google Sniper 2.0 Complete Sniper PDF Manual YES YES Set of Training Videos – goes with the manual YES YES ‘Further Training’ videos YES YES Case study videos YES NO – only with upgrade Training on how to run your own online business & create an Empire NO YES – 7 VIDEOS! Ongoing training with Q&A coaching webinars NO YES Listing of recommended products from George KINDA YES Support desk for basic questions YES YES So as you can see, one of the main differences is the training that is on how to scale your business up using the “Empire Module” videos and the other is the ongoing training that is part of the Sniper X subscription. The actual Google Sniper system remains pretty much the same.  With time and some hindsight, George has made some minor modifications to the actual method, but overall it remains untouched. I think this is BRILLIANT!  Let me say – that there were some who harshly criticized George for not changing the basic system, adding some additional training onto the product and then charging for it.  Well…personally, I can see both sides of the issue.  BUT, what I think it really great and is a point that I do not see being made in his defense is this: SO MANY MARKETERS ABANDON SHIP ON THEIR “INSIDER – HOLY GRAIL – NEW- NEVER SEEN BEFORE – JUST DISCOVERED – LOOPHOLE” IDEAS AT THE DROP OF A HAT! Do you know what I am talking about?  They sell you the greatest thing since sliced bread, but as soon as the next ‘trend’ comes along, they are ready to replace that Incredible, Awesome, Trick of theirs and sell you the next new thing to come along.  Not Georgey!  He stuck by his system, he stuck by his method, he stuck with what he knows works.  That means something to me. He packaged it with his brand new teachings on how to scale it up and build a real business for yourself online.  Should he have given the new information to those that had already purchased version 1?  Yeah, maybe.  I don’t know… But is the ... Read More »
  • George Brown: Google Sniper Genius

    George Brown: Google Sniper Genius

  • What Is Google Sniper?

    What Is Google Sniper?

  • Understanding “Gravity” Scores in Clickbank

    Understanding “Gravity” Scores in Clickbank

    Here is an amazing post from a woman named Alexa on the Warrior Forum.  It contains some excellent information regarding a product’s Gravity Scores Clickbank.  Take a read and let me know what you think!  This will certainly help me from now on when it comes to selecting really good products for my niches as I create my Sniper sites. “Gravity is an indication of how much competition there is. It measures the number of affiliates who have each made one or more sales over the previous 8 weeks. Each affiliate gets, effectively, a “score” between 0.1 and 1.0 (according to when they made their last sale, but not according to the quantity they sold) and the total is the product’s gravity figure. Sounds easy enough to understand? It isn’t. Nearly all internet marketing guides make the howling mistake of advising beginners to promote only high gravity products. This has a hugely distorting effect on the market and its observed statistics. There’s a big and constant turnover of new affiliates trying to sell high gravity products, failing, dropping out and being replaced by others repeating their experiences. This of course boosts those products’ gravity figures further and further, because gravity measures the number of affiliates who (eventually) make a sale, not the number of sales made. If there are two otherwise equivalent and equally good products, with otherwise matching statistical parameters, but one has a gravity of 15 and the other has a gravity of 150, my own instincts are to suspect very strongly that (other things being equal) both the conversion-rate and the numbers of sales are actually very likely to be higher for the lower gravity product. So, I actually avoid high gravity products: the day I learned that (and a few other things) and started acting on it was the day I started earning some real money through being a Clickbank affiliate I promote 15 different Clickbank products at the moment, and my two best-converting products, by far, out of all those, both have single-figure gravities. Some people think that’s a “coincidence”. I think they’re wrong. I stay away from high gravity products because (as Clickbank now, finally, advises affiliates openly on their site) the one thing you know for sure about a high gravity product is that it’s going to be competitive to sell. Here’s a little example, which might possibly clarify the issues:- Clickbank Product A - Sales-page conversion-rate 2.8% - Solid product from well-known marketer - Product has almost no refund requests - He has 20 affiliates of whom 10 are superaffiliates who sell huge numbers of the product - Product is easy to promote and sell - Sales numbers are therefore very high, but the gravity figure is obviously very low (maybe around 10) Clickbank Product B - Sales-page conversion-rate 0.2% - Dreadful product from scammy marketer - Refund request-rate is higher, of course - Product had a “professional launch” with 100 “temporary affiliates” (accounts used once each to buy one product, privately ... Read More »
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    How To Get Backlinks For Your Sniper Site

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